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We at Ekam envision an online program where every child feels truly connected to their education and activities. This is the learning program we wish we had as a child. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Ekam learning is to make a difference – Encouraging, Exciting, and Enriching! We try our best to make the online classes a good learning experience.

Our Co-curricular Activity Classes setup has the following features:
Efficient, holistic, age-appropriate, and a fun learning plan.
Strong interaction for the lesson plan. Systemic learning method.
Constantly strengthening learning by boosting the self-confidence of all involved in the learning of the child, so that children with zero foundation can also do activities with full enthusiasm and zeal.
Strong consolidation after class. Review after class or once in a week.
Support to make learning fun.

How to enroll in our Co-curricular Activity classes?
If you want to join our online co-curricular activity classes please email your details to telling us
Name of the student
Email Id
Phone Number
Parent/Guardian Name
Class(es) Interested
Preferred Timing
Any other requirement
We will reach out to you at the earliest possible with the plan.

Ekam Co-curricular Activity Classes: At the present moment we are giving the following classes online. Please email us with the required information as mentioned above and get started.
Skating Classes
Tennis Classes
Basketball Classes
Football Classes
Hockey Classes
Karate Classes
Cricket Classes
Dance Classes
Chess Classes
Drawing Classes

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