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Ekam Features At A Glance:

Ekam Kids is one of its kind of learning program where the focus is on fun learning and 360-degree development of the child. We are a leader in kids education and a brand to reckon with. We at Ekam present the children with an education system that is based on a well-researched method. We are pioneering a vibrant and child-friendly system of learning creating a child-friendly and harmonious environment, focusing on the satisfaction of a child’s inquisitive mind and thorough concept clarity. Ekam runs with a unique concept that focuses on playful learning and fun learning. Ekam PreSchool & Daycare also called Ekam Kids has the following features:

  • ISO certified.
  • Holistic and Fun Learning,
  • Montessori and Play-way based learning.
  • Activity-Based Learning.
  • A well-balanced curriculum.
  • Good Balance between Academics and Sports.
  • Focus on Life Skills.
  • Focus on Locomotor Skills Development.
  • World-Class Facilities @Ekam.
  • Colourful Classrooms.
  • Safe, Secure, and Spacious Environment.
Ekam Preschool & Daycare is ISO Certified. ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.
Holistic and Fun LearningHolistic education is concerned with the development of a person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. All these aspects are important part of education and essential for the proper development of the child and can be nurtured and implemented in a more engaging, fun and activity-based manner to help with the passion for learning.
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Montessori and playway-based curriculum – In the Montessori system it is believed that play is the child’s work. Montessori programs are child-directed, emphasizing active, self-paced, individualized learning and run with the belief that kids learn best through play.
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At Ekam, we have an activity-based curriculum, customized worksheets, activity-based writing books, etc. exclusively designed, developed, and made available for Ekam kids. These learning materials are carefully implemented by our capable teachers using our detailed, comprehensive, and child-centered lesson plans which are researched, designed and developed for the benefit of both our teachers and children.
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At Ekam, we believe in happy, balanced and a stress-free environment. There are usually three learning preferences of a child – visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Taking these factors into consideration the curriculum is designed and developed to fit the requirements, interests, abilities and learning styles of the child. The Ekam kids program is designed to enhance the social, emotional, spiritual, physical, motor, and cognitive development of each child.
Good Balance between Academics and Sports – With the right attitude and planning, a proper balance can successfully be achieved between academics and sports. Balance is crucial for the children because sports and academics work side by side.
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Focus on Life Skills Development – According to WHO, life skills may be defined as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior, that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Every school should enable children and adolescents at all levels to learn critical health and life skills.”
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Focus on Locomotor Skills Development – Locomotor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, galloping, rolling, leaping and dodging, horizontal jump, slide. Manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, striking and trapping, dribble, overhand throw, and underhand roll
Stability skills such as balance, twisting, turning and bending. All these are part of our sports programs which happens at least 15 days – 40 mins each day in a month for each child. We also focus on games like football, basketball, tennis and karate.
World Class Facilities – We ensure that the children are getting the best possible care at this important stage of their learning journey. World class infrastructure; Child friendly furniture; Nature Corner; Well lit, safe, welcoming, spacious large open classroom. We believe that children need space to grow and develop. Our large, free flowing classrooms enable children to do just that.
Colourful Classrooms – Young children spend a lot of time — usually the whole day — in the same classroom, and researches have shown that a classroom’s visual environment can affect how much children learn, A bright and colourful classroom is also a great stimulus and promotes learning. It also helps the child to feel welcoming and helps children to get adjusted to the school environment with ease.
Safe, Secure and Spacious Environment – Safe and secure classrooms give a sense of self-worth and creativity in the children. A spacious and stimulating environment makes learning pleasurable.

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