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Are you planning to homeschool your 2-8-year-old child? You are among the emerging trend of parents who want to begin or continue their child’s learning .

Homeschooling Preschool Education

We provide Homeschooling Preschool Education with the help of our robust lesson plans, well-researched curriculum, ingenious books, creative learning aids, and digital trends. Our homeschooling education model includes efficient, holistic, age-appropriate, and a fun learning plan. Strong interaction for the lesson plan. Systemic learning method. Constantly strengthening learning by boosting the self-confidence of parents or teacher involved in the learning of the child, so that children with zero foundation can also speak boldly. Strong consolidation after class. Review after class or once in a week.
Supporting worksheets and practice materials is to make learning fun. At Ekam, we are looking to inculcate the values and a system of life skills that the child will carry throughout its life and help them to be good global citizens with our holistic learning.

At Ekam, we feel that it is important for education to be effective, the learning environment needs to be conducive to learning, allowing the child the required space and time to interact with teachers. Ekam Kids team is dedicated to create and maintain a stimulating overall learning environment. We are working on the Integrated Learning Environment including the environment at the school end and the environment at the home end. The students should find it seamless to actively participate, grow & learn in a natural way.

This insightful guide will help you maximize your newfound aspirations, freedom, and responsibility for Homeschooling. These tips don’t only apply to parents, but also teachers, students, and other stakeholders in education.

Home-based Classroom

Since the student is going to take classes from home, we request the parents to make some arrangements. It includes the digital environment, learning space and accessories as follows.

  1. Interactive Digital Environment (IDE)
    Interactive Digital Environment is the foremost requirement where parents and teachers would be communicating with each other. We prefer that this environment includes a video conferencing facility. The equipment required for this may include:
    Computer or phone with visual and audio capabilities
    Internet connection
    Power backup, preferably
    Conference software
  1. Comfortable Sitting Arrangement (CSA)
    A classroom environment has to be prepared at home which we can also call home-based classroom environment. The seating area should be a little comfortable for the child wherein there is less disturbance around the child. Parents need to prepare the child, themselves, and other family members accordingly.
    Let the child have a chair and table for writing and keeping other equipment.
    Let this area be reasonably lit, so that the student can see things around him/her, as well as the light is optimal for video coverage.
  1. Basic Learning Accessories (BLA)
    Request parents to arrange the following aids for the student to take lessons:
    Drawing notebook
    English 4-ruled notebook
    Math square notebook
    2-ruled notebook (optional)
    Please note that there will be additional accessories required from time to time. Ekam Kids team will provide a list with the lesson plan.

Homeschooling Learning Guidelines

Homeschooling Class Preparation

You may have to put in some effort little beforehand to ensure that the child is ready and abreast of the lesson plan and we have a proper class environment in place. Don’t skip the classes unless it is very urgent. This discipline helps in intellectual and personal bonding with the child, inculcates discipline and the child is not out of sync, and learns at a good pace. Do not take the interactive classes while traveling or in busy places. What may seem trivial and easy may not be so for the children. Let children learn at their own pace. This should help in the smooth functioning of the class. Give some grace. If you feel the stress and tension, so does the child, take it easy. Here are some preparation steps:

  1. The child is properly dressed and combed like he does when going out or to school.
  2. Be well prepared with the lesson plan.
  3. Come into the learning space 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  4. A snack box is prepared and kept near the table before the beginning of the class.
  5. Try to have a spacious work area, without any clutter on the table or space around it.

Class Span

  1. Our attention span is a challenge and it is only getting shorter. So, we try to keep the child concentrating on class with a balance of lessons and breaks. The children should be allowed to take breaks to feel refreshed but also keep them engaged. However they should be encouraged to come back to class within the stipulated time.
  2. There should be planned breaks during the overall session, wherein the child can eat, drink, etc.
  3. It goes without saying, keep intermittently watching the child to ensure all is well.

Class Closure

It is a very important activity. The child may need help to:

  1. Initially you may need to help the child to assemble and keep away Basic Learning Accessories (BLA) properly. The child may need them to do formal or informal work, so please keep them within the reach of the child or provide them when needed.
  2. Attend the snack box. See if there is any left-over food or if the child needs a different variety of food. Take it away from the table at your discretion.
  3. Arrange the Comfortable Seating Arrangement (CSA), so that the child can restart or continue any of the activities.
  4. Wash hands again, if required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the curriculum of preschool classes?

Please see our post on “Curriculum” http://ekamkids.com/curriculum/

What do parents need to know about the homeschooling?

Parent-teacher collaboration is a must for education and more so for the homeschooling learning process.

Parents may like to understand the education-related strategy, processes, and specifications that a parent may need while teaching and other teaching aids. Please see our post on “Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up – A Free Online Program.” It is available on http://ekamkids.com/free-teacher-training-program/.

Can parents approach teachers to discuss any issues or to provide any suggestions?

The parents are collaborative partners of the child’s education. They can approach the school to discuss any issues or to provide any suggestions. They may send a quick email to info@ekamkids.com.

Shall parents go through the information available on the net regarding homeschooling?

There is a lot of information available on the net about everything. While reading parents may have to use discretion at their end to see which information is right and which information is not. However, we are providing you suitable information from time to time to stay abreast.


“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.” – -Robert T. Kiyosaki

Ekam Kids is dedicated to make preschool education a success for the best of the students and the community at large.

We are thankful to the parents and well-wishers for their guidance and support. We are also thankful to you for your devotion and support.

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