Ekam Kids Online Education Platform

Ekam Kids is a virtual school for online education for preschool students. Ekam Kids facilitates remote preschool education with online teachers and home-based students having an interactive experience. We envision an online education program where every home-based student feels truly connected to their education.

Ekam Kids Online Education is a preschool learning program we wish we had as a child. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Ekam learning is to make a difference – Encouraging, Exciting, and Enriching! We try our best to make the online classes a good learning experience.

We have aligned our efforts for online education and have devised a platform for delivery. This platform for online education spans through all the stages from planning to delivery. Following are the details of the platform.

The platform of online preschool education is based on the foundation of 4 strong pillars, from planning to delivery. They are integral parts of the online education to provide a seamless learning experience to our benevolent students.

  1. Progressive Curriculum
    Our curriculum fundamentals are based on
    • Montessori
    It is a system of education is for young children that seek to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods.
    • Play-way
    It is a unique method of learning and can be customized as per the child’s interests and requirements. It follows learning by doing and practice. Learning is more effective when children are curious to learn and students develop originality, power of reasoning, imagination, and insights.
    • Virtuous academics
    It is based on theoretical subjects of language, math, and general awareness.
    • Innovative and age-appropriate activities.
    It includes the activities which the students can do at home.
    • Creativity
    We encourage a lot of creativity, supported by a balance between achievement and improvement. We support problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.
    • Life skills
    Some examples of life skills include communication, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and coping with stress.
  1. Online Teaching Methodology
    Our objective is that the student should be integrated with the real-world in a digital heavy lifestyle. Our Online Teaching Methodologies are based on pedagogical patterns and futuristic approaches defining the best teaching methods. Ekam uses teaching methods that are age-appropriate, suitable, and competent with respect to the characteristic of the students and the type of learning they are supposed to get. The design and selection of teaching methods take into account the nature of the subject matter as well as how students learn.
    • Indigenous Books (paper-based)
    We plan to share paper-based books with each student. This will help them learn from real material rather than having a full dependency on the digital media. The student can use these books even after the class without the help of anybody making them independent.
    • Sharing of learning aids (including paper-based artifacts)
    Some physical learning aids will be at home for students to use them in class and even after the class. Some physical learning aids will be teachers who will demonstrate them on screen.
    • Digital resources
    Ekam would be using some digital resources like online video, for learning as and when required.
    • Customized activities
    It includes a list of activities which the students can do at home, during the class or even after the class.
    • Class plan
    The classes are planned on the basis of the curriculum fundamentals and learning aids. The class plan would include academic topics, innovative activities, festival celebrations, group celebrations, and communication skills development to name a few.
  1. Interactive Classroom Environment
    Interactive Classroom Environment is the virtual classroom spreading over 4 components to provide an integrated learning experience to students. Its 4 components are as follows:
    • School environment
    Overall management of the delivery of the class
    • Teacher environment
    Remotely manage the class in session
    • Student environment – Home classroom
    Remotely participate in the class with the teacher and other students.
    • Digital environment
    The electronics, software, etc. to run the virtual class
  1. Parent School Alliance
    The teacher has limited access to the child through electronics. Their challenge is to keep the students engaged through electronics. Hence collaboration is required between the school and the parents while the child is learning from home. Some responsibilities come to the parents.
    • Reviewing class plans provided by the school
    • Arranging learning aids for the class
    • Supporting classes
    Health of the student
    Wellbeing of the digital equipment for the class
    Managing temper tantrums
    Encouraging participation in activities, if required, during the class
    Encouraging activities as much as possible even after the class.
    Sharing chores and developing responsibilities


We have a team of educators and curriculum experts working on curriculum development and enhancement who work determinedly to bring the best to the students and the community as a whole. Our team of class coordinator has used best practices, and learning materials to come up with teaching methodologies.

Through our virtual school, we are facilitating the homeschooling of preschool students. They are in dire need of schooling as at home they are busy sleeping or watching digital media. With the help of the school, their focus would be shifted to learning activities. Another major advantage of online education is that the child will be always safe in the hands of parents. No one can touch them. Thirdly, the child will become more responsible, decisive, and grow as an independent human being. Fourthly, it gives elasticity of the place. Students can shift anywhere can continue uninterrupted classes.

There has been a lot of research done and finally after some changes we have been able to bring our interactive online classes to you. Our belief is that education is the strongest tool that can positively impact our future.

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