Facilities and Activities

In our pursuit to create an encouraging, exciting and enriching environment for the children we inspire bringing energy, fresh perspectives and innovative classes that will have your children thinking, exploring and creating throughout their time at Ekam. They will learn to think, observe, create and engage with the work around them which will help them develop skills that they will cherish throughout their life.

If you are interested to enroll in our program please click here or email us at info@ekamkids.com.


We aim at helping children learn through play and follow the best practices adopted from around the world. The curriculum is designed to cater to the multiple intelligence of the child which makes learning fun and enjoyable. Our grassground has well-maintained natural turf which also helps to increase the immunity of the children. With outdoor play children enjoy the natural environment and breathe fresh air. It helps them to eat their food properly. Specialized teachers in sports nurture the spirit of sportsmanship and also work on their cardiovascular health, hand eye coordination, strength and flexibility.

Dance and Music

• At a very early stage children develop an ear for music and enjoy our melody classes

• Dance helps to build motor skill and improves self-expression.

Art and Craft

• Exposure to art & craft nurtures creativity and develops fine motor skills and hones sensorial learning. Children take pride in their handcrafted work and are motivated to better themselves craft after craft.

Presentation and role plays

Over the year there are many presentations and role plays whioch help the children to understand real life scenarios and how to deal with them

Health Room

The Health Room at Ekam is attended to by a qualified  nurse on all working days. It is equipped to handle  first aid and minor  ailments/complaints – anything of a  serious nature will be referred to parents or a hospital.

We worship the place of learning and hence we are maintaining hygiene around the school. Our specialized teaching aids help in imparting the lessons with efficiency and effectiveness. Ekam has all that a growing toddler needs to complete his/her early education!

If you are interested to enroll in our program please click here or email us at info@ekamkids.com.

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