Fee Details – PlayGroup and Nursery

Make your child’s life special by enrolling in our Ekam Kids School.

At Ekam we provide a safe and nurturing environment for your children. We believe in
Efficient, holistic, age-appropriate, and a fun learning plan.
Supporting worksheets and practice materials is to make learning fun giving them a stress-free and balanced approach towards learning.
Helping them with reading, writing and communication skills so that they become well-adjusted, inquisitive, interactive, bright and perceptive children, ready for formal schooling.

For Playgroup and Nursery, 

Please book the seat with – Registration and Student Kit which includes Textbooks, Notebooks, Diary, ID Card etc = Rs. 5999/-

The tuition fees can be paid in 1, 2, or 3 installments. It can also be paid on a monthly basis.

Number of InstallmentsAmount in INR
*Fees needs to be paid on or before the due date to avoid late fee charges.

The following are the details for the School Dress:

Item Price in INR
T-Shirt 399
Track Pant 399
Shorts 399
Skirt 399
Cap 199
Jacket 899
Bag 1299
Diary 399
ID card 199

*All study material will be provided by the school. There would be no other charges apart from the above. Diary and ID Card are part of the student kit; however, if lost the above charges apply for getting a new one.

*The dress material is made from purely cotton fabric so that it is soothing and comfortable to the soft skin of the children. The fabric is hypoallergenic, odour-free, absorbs the sweat and has low maintenance.  By using this fabric, we are also helping the farmers.  In the track pant, shorts, skirts and the jacket an extra inner layer of cotton is there.

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