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Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up – A Free Online Program.

Overview of the Ekam’s Free Teacher Training Warm-Up Program:

Welcome to the Ekam’s Free Teacher Training Warm-Up Program. This training class will help you explore the basics of teaching. Our Free Ekam Teacher training is based on education-related strategy, processes, and specifications. It is designed to prepare potential teachers with the concepts, attitudes, and skills required to provide their services effectively and productively in the classroom

Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up is an online teacher’s training program that you can take up at your own pace. Start today and enhance your skills in days. Advance your career. Be object-oriented. Understand what a professional teacher is and learn advanced training techniques. However this is a pre-cursor to our complete ‘Teacher Training’ program.

Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up is developed by experienced teachers and educators, it is a must go through. This team has also prepared the curriculum of the preschools and schools to understand the perspective of both teachers and students. They work tirelessly to bring the best to the students and teachers. They have put a lot of work into this training to bring the educational benefits to the community as a whole.

In today’s formal teaching the trend is to encourage a lot of creativity, supported with a balance between achievement and improvement. Ekam Teacher Training program and this Warm-Up session are no exceptions. They are based on pedagogical patterns and futuristic approaches defining the best teaching methods. Ekam uses teacher teaching methods, best practices, and materials that are suitable and competent with respect to the characteristic of the students and the type of learning they are supposed to get. These concepts are deployed for teaching teachers, students, as well as other stakeholders who support teaching. The design and selection of teaching methods take into account the nature of the subject matter as well as how students learn.

The contents of the Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up are as follows:

  1. Learn how to become a great teacher.
  2. Learn about the systems of teaching.
  3. Pedagogical patterns and best practices of teaching.
  4. It deals with the soft skills of teachers and students.
  5. Learn about the tools and techniques.
  6. Guided through techniques to help you access your interest.
  7. Get free links to videos and references.

Last but not the least…
Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up is free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

FAQ 1. Who can take up Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up program?

  1. This is a teacher’s training program that is designed to help absolute beginners and aspiring teachers.
  2. Even parents can benefit from Ekam Teacher Training Warm Up as they need to support their kids education with parent-teacher partnership.
  3. The experienced teachers can also review this teacher’s training course to brush up their skills or give it a new perspective.

FAQ 2. What are the topics of learning in Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up?

Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up is an elaborative program that makes you think. It helps you imbibe the concepts related to students, education, teaching and the ever-changing environment.

  1. Role of the education and educator in the coming years.
  2. Paradigm shift in education.
  3. The future of learning.
  4. Enhance your teaching skills.
  5. Learning curves.
  6. The spiritual way.
  7. Be a great teacher.
  8. Why learn from our crafts?
  9. Various teaching tools.
  10. Highlights of Brain Mapping.
  11. The best way.
  12. Online Education and Distance Education.
  13. Bad teacher… or Good Teacher… or a Great Teacher.
  14. Salute to you.

FAQ 3. Why take Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up session?

  1. Are you looking for a course about how a teacher should actually be different for different student levels? Well, there is a good news for you. You have reached the right place. THIS COURSE IS ALL ABOUT TEACHERS’ TRAINING.
  2. This curriculum is endorsed and reflects best practices.
  3. This course is comprehensive and detailed with 32+ tips on how to be a great teacher and much more….
  4. With 2 hours and 20+ minutes of video, you will have the inspiration and confidence to be in the right path of teaching and achieve a robust professional level.

FAQ 4. What are the requirements or pre-requisites to take up Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up session?

The candidate who is ready to take up Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up session must have at least some of the following aspirations or objectives.

  1. Interest in becoming an educator.
  2. Interest in teaching offline or online.
  3. Desire to become an educator.
  4. Willing to accept new ideas.

FAQ 5. Is “Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up” a free program?

  1. The best part is that it is absolutely free. However, you must register with us to get access.
  2. To register, please fill the registration form online at or use this short link provided in the description. ( )
  3. If you encounter any difficulties in filling the form, kindly send us an email to
  4. Once the form is received, the Ekam Kids team will revert in 1 or 2 business days.

FAQ 6. What does this course include?

Ekam Teacher Training Warm-Up includes the following for your comfortable learning:

  1. 2 hours and 20 minutes+ on-demand video.
  2. On-demand Training Assessment – Just write an email and get your free test!
  3. Certificate of Completion – After the successful completion of the test.

FAQ 7. What is  Ekam Kids?

Ekam Kids is powered by Ekam Preschool and Daycare. We have our own curriculum, our own books and learning aids. We are entirely committed to bring the best possible to the young minds. In our mission to do so, we have started numerous training programs. Ekam is an ISO Certified facility.

Ekam Kids offers homeschooling and other learning aids related to it and classroom learning to pre-school students and co-curricular activities to preschool and primary school kids.

We are looking to inculcate the values and a system of life skills that the child will carry throughout its life and help them to be good global citizens with our holistic learning programs.

FAQ 8. What services does Ekam provide?

Ekam has its own curriculum, own books, and learning aids. We are entirely committed to bringing the best possible to the young minds. Our preschool classes’ – online and classroom  – features are:

  1. Montessori and play-way based curriculum.
  2. Holistic and fun learning for the children.
  3. Focus on life skills development.
  4. Focus on locomotor skills​ development.

Ekam co-curricular schedule includes:

  1. Daycare.
  2. Sports.
  3. Activities.
  4. Tuition.
  5. Smart kids program.

FAQ 9. Does Ekam provide a homeschool learning program for preschool kids?

We provide a homeschool learning program for preschool kids. If you are interested to enroll your child, then please fill the forms in our website or click here and we will revert.

FAQ 10. When can I start my Teacher Training?


The Ekam Kids Team is endlessly working on bringing the best to the children and we put a lot of work into it. In the near future, we will also be coming up with a completely online teacher training program. Do visit our website, or use this short link (, and fill the contact form if you are interested.


We hope you got your questions answered about Ekam’s Free Teacher Training Warm-Up. Please go through the video material. We are sure it will benefit you.

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Ekam Kids Team

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