Guidelines and Instructions- 2024

As your ward begins the journey of schooling, we would like to share a few important guidelines/instructions for parents and students to abide by for the smooth functioning of the school during the Academic Year. You are requested to go through the same carefully and also discuss the same with your ward(s) to ensure a smooth schooling. We wish all our students all the very best for a great time ahead and lots of fun learning ahead of the Academic Session!

Welcome to the Academic Session

The timings for PlayGroup/Nursery is from 9am to 12pm, LKG/UKG is from 9am to 12.30pm from Monday to Friday. Any holidays will be intimated in advance or you could check the monthly almanac by clicking on the link:

What your child needs to carry?

A snack box with snacks that he/she enjoys and optimum portion. A water bottle is necessary. The school will provide filtered and safe drinking water.

The students can wear comfortable coloured dress and black sport shoes.

Fee Payment

Fees needs to be paid on or before the due date to avoid late fee charges.

Arrival to School

▪Please leave the child on the School Gate. The children availing Ekam Transport or are availing Ekam Daycare can follow their schedule.

▪Students will be guided/escorted to the respective classrooms by the School Team.

▪The teachers will be waiting to greet the children in the class.

▪We request you not to send the child incase of fever, cold, cough or rashes.

▪Late coming is discouraged by the school as the child loses very important circle time / class teacher time.

▪In case your child has food allergy or is under some medication or has some special requirement, kindly send the note to the Class Teacher through the organizer.

Pick-up from School

▪Parents are requested to maintain their time of pick up as per the schedule.

▪Please wait outside the Front Office and your ward will be handed over to you.

Meal Timings:

  • Each session is for 30 minutes
  • Snack Break is usually from 10 to 10:30 am
  • Children have to bring packed food from home.
  • Parents are requested to send healthy food – chips, candy and aerated drinks should be avoided.
  • Send food items as per your child’s appetite and liking.
  • We discourage the use of paper/plastic glasses for drinking water hence request you to send water bottle daily with your ward.

How to contact the Class Teacher?

▪Please write through the organizer or WhatsApp/call on 9845627764 or through an email to the school ( or tell the front desk for an appointment.

▪Do keep in mind that teachers are busy with students all through the day and they will respond when free, which could be after school hours.

▪Teachers are not permitted to share their personal phone numbers with parents.

Communication with school

The best way to communicate with the school is through call/WhatsApp 9845627764 or via email ( for any queries addressed to the specific person.

In emergencies, you may call/WhatsApp the Front Office- 9845627764

The school will communicate with parents through WhatsApp, e-mail or the Student Organizer (Diary).

School Essentials

School essentials will be given during the first week in the class itself.

As and when the books are sent home, students to label and submit the text books and notebooks to school.

Children should bring their organizer (Diary) on a daily basis to the school.

Homework Details

Homework details throughout the week will be shared through the organizer/Diary.

We encourage the parents/grandparents/guardians to allocate some study time after the school for homework and self study and if possible some reading time as well. However, we also request that the child finishes the homework on their own and is only guided by you.

Health Room

▪The Health Room at Ekam is equipped to handle first aid and minor ailments/complaints – anything of a serious nature will be referred to parents or a hospital.

▪Parents must inform the school of previous surgeries, chronic illnesses, allergies or conditions that their child might have – be it physical, learning related or emotional.

▪Parents are required to inform the Class Teacher on emergency medication that may need to be provided in special cases.

General Instructions

▪The organizer will be given to your child in the first week. Do fill up the required pages in it and send it back the very next day. 

▪We encourage children to be well groomed at all times. Please ensure that your child comes dressed up neatly. The nails should be trimmed and hair combed neatly.

No gold jewellery/watch etc. to be worn by students. For girls all hair accessories should be black. Nail paint is not allowed.

Write the name of the child inside the shoes with the marker.

▪Handkerchief/cloth napkins to be sent daily.

▪You are encouraged to monitor your child’s progress. Don’t wait till PTM. Don’t hesitate to contact teachers or coordinator in case of any doubt.

•Do ensure to attend the PTM’s as they provide an insight about your child’s growth and helps you to identify the concern areas, if any.

•Carrying of trolley bags, and sharp objects are not allowed.

•The day starts well if the child gets plenty of rest and has a good breakfast. Please make sure that you pay due attention to the same. 

•Make reading a daily habit and limit television time, as well as device/gadget usage for entertainment/games.

•Birthdays are special occasion. We want our kids to feel special on that day. You can choose to send them in smart casuals appropriate for the school. No birthday cakes and expensive gifts to be sent. It will be appreciated if a book is donated to the Library or a sapling is sent to be planted by the child in the School Campus.

•No child will be allowed to go home early during school hours. In case of any emergency the front office may be contacted for permission. 

•If your child has a health issue/allergy kindly inform the class teacher through the organizer. In case of sickness it is advised to keep the child at home rather than exerting him/her by sending to school.

•Safety of the child is the most important and we will hand over the child only to the parents/grandparents/guardian. If anyone else is coming to pick-up please keep us well informed and also share a photograph of the person.  

•Any change in address/phone number to be brought to the notice of the school authorities either through a mail to the coordinator or an organizer note without fail.

COVID Etiquette

•It is also advisable for the students to carry clean handkerchieves with them.

•Students must follow coughing etiquette by covering their mouth and nose with the upper sleeve or handkerchief while coughing or sneezing.

•Used tissues must be disposed off properly and immediately in the adequate bins.

•Spitting is strictly forbidden.

Leave of Absence

•It is compulsory for all students to be present on the first and last working day after the Dusshera, Christmas and Summer Vacation.

•Long leaves during the academic year are prohibited (except in personal emergencies) as it hampers the student’s academic.

•In case of personal emergencies, a formal letter has to be submitted to the Class Teacher explaining the absence.

We solicit the co-operation of all parents so as to provide a safe, nurturing, sensitive, balanced and happy environment for our students so that they make the most of all the learning opportunities and experiences!