Montessori and Locomotor Skills

Montessori and Locomotor skills for the holistic development of the child it is important to take them through co-curricular activities along with academics. Here are some Montessori and Locomotor skills development activities which we will be updating every week. Please send the photos of your child doing these activities and we will update on the website with your permission. Also please do revert if you face any difficulty.

1st dayFinger Painting – Take some paint and dip the finger and then paste the finger on the paper. Some examples of finger printing given in the next slide. Also take a photo and send.
2nd dayWatering Plants – Children usually enjoy nature and mostly love to play with the mud. A little bit allowance to play is fine but then teaching the child to clean up the water or any dirt is one of the parameters to be taught when watering of plants.
3rd dayFolding of clothes – Children are capable of lot of tasks and also make sure that the clothes are smaller in size. Folding should be taught in one pattern and same pattern should be used all the time.
4th dayThreading the button– Take a thick thread (it can be a shoe lace or wool or simple thread) and ask the child to take them through the buttons.
5th dayBody parts recognition – please tell the body parts and ask to touch it – check the next slide.
1st DayHop and Jump Exercise – Sit and hop like a frog 10 times, then stand up and jump 10 times. Repeat 3 times then take a water break and again repeat 2 times.
2nd DayZig-Zag Exercise – Put 5 objects in a straight line. The objects can be anything like slippers, cushions etc. Make another line parallel to it so that the child can run zig zag. Please start this exercise after static running of a count of 20. – Please check the figure in the next slide.
3rd DayBucket to Bucket with counting – Take 20 balls in one bucket (you can also take toys or anything else). Keep the next bucket 5 feet away. Ask the child to take one item count and run and put it in the other bucket. You can repeat it 2-3 times as the child participates.
4th DayDirections – left and right and jumping. Put objects towards left and right direction and ask them to pick from each direction. Repeat 5 times. Jump 10 times and repeat it 5 times.
5th DayPlay hopscotch – You can use the image in the next slide or make your own.
DAYSName Of  the Activity
1st DayCarrying a Mat
2nd DayUnrolling-Rolling a Mat
3rd DayCarrying a chair
4th DaySit and Stand from a Chair
5th DayCarrying a Table
DAYSName Of  the Activity
1st DayCan You Walk
2nd DayHow Do We Walk
3rd DaySpirals
4th DayFollow the Leader
5th DaySpeed Up – Slow Down

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