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What parents say is very important for us as it helps us to keep our efforts to give the best environment and learning experience to the children. We believe in working hand-in-hand with complete support of the parents which will only help us to bring out the best in the kids and give them a 360-degree development opportunity.

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  • Ekam teachers are very patient with their children. Our baby with zero foundation can also understand and master the content of the class through the teacher ’s expressions and body movements.
  • My child is very sensitive to language and is in a critical period of learning. I was hoping that he will be exposed to pure expression from an early age. The Ekam teachers have helped my child with the pronunciations and its flattering to see my child talk English so fluently at this tiny age. I am very happy!
  • The atmosphere of the class is very good, The Ekam curriculum is suitable for children to learn the language and etiquette. During class, children are always attracted by the rich teaching scenes and games. They learn loudly while following, and they are very interested. I often come back from work and hear his voice before I enter the house.
  • I love Ekam and its process-oriented approach. All team members are dedicated and any concerns are looked at very soon.
  • Curriculum wise they have a high-frequency input, coupled with an interest, and we can clearly feel the progress of listening and speaking. It is said that Ekam’s classes are fun and not tiring or cumbersome. My kid loves the lessons.
  • I had a tough time with my child not starting to speak even at the age of 3+ years. With Ekam’s phonetics and focused communication classes we could see the difference in his speech and enhancement of capabilities.

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