What To Expect

We at Ekam envision an online program where every child feels truly connected to their education. This is the learning program we wish we had as a child. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Ekam learning is to make a difference – Encouraging, Exciting, and Enriching! We try our best to make the online classes a good learning experience.

Our online setup has the following features:
Efficient, holistic, age-appropriate, and a fun learning plan.
Strong interaction in class.
Constantly strengthening learning by boosting the self-confidence of children, so that children with zero foundation can also speak boldly.
Strong consolidation after class.
Supporting worksheets and practice materials is to make learning fun.

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Interactive Virtual Classroom
Systematic Learning Method
In-class interaction & learning
After class practice & review
A Success You Can Trust

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DO: Be prepared. Make sure the links work and the net connection is good at least 30 minutes before the actual lesson.
DON’T: Overwhelm. Expect less than what usually a child achieves in a proper classroom session. Although it’s not bad to motivate patiently to scale up the achievements.
DO: Collaborate. It is good to write a mail if any suggestions, doubts or queries.
DON’T: Make assumptions. Nothing is perfect, so anything could go wrong anywhere. Try to understand the actuals.
DO: Build community. It’s okay if your child is spending some social time before class starts or doing some cool stuff, or being silly. Let it go lightly. Correct only if required.
DON’T: Expect perfection. Be patient.
DO: Give some grace. If you feel the stress and tension, so does the child, take it easy.
DO: Laugh at yourself and make mistakes.

If you are interested to join your child in any of the above classes online, please click here to fill the form or email us at Info@ekamkids.com with CC to EkamPreschool@gmail.com

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